This year's Double Eleven, once known as the perfect diary brand of "the light of domestic products", is no longer the highlight.
Four hours after the official launch of the Double Eleven event, Tmall released the rankings of beauty brands. In the top 20 beauty brands list, skin care brands are almost slaughtered, and there is no separate makeup brand; in the top 20 makeup brands list, the shortlisted domestic brands are Huaxizi, Caitang, Mao Geping, and I have not seen perfect diary brand.
At the same time, the cost-effective perfect diary brand did not appear in Li Jiaqi's live broadcast room. Not only did it fall from the top of the Tmall Double Eleven makeup sales list, but the valuation of Yixian e-commerce behind perfect diary brand has shrunk significantly. The share price of Yixian E-commerce will rise to a maximum of US$25.47 in 2021, and now it has fallen to around US$1, and the valuation bubble has been completely shattered.
This is just the beginning.
Take the domestic beauty express, eat the capital and traffic dividends, and the fire of the perfect diary will come and go quickly. Especially after the impact of the cold weather in the beauty industry after the epidemic, the growth of perfect diary brand has slowed down, and Yixian E-commerce can only find a way out.

Perfect Diary brand was born in the era of the rise of Internet celebrities, and the breakthrough itself also has an Internet celebrity effect. Founded in 2017, it has become a well-known domestic brand for young women within two years. In the process of rapid popularity, Perfect Diary brand has seized the external market opportunities, and its own core shortcomings are difficult to make up for.
The first is the capital dividend. Yixian E-commerce, the parent company of Perfect Diary, has conducted multiple financings to reserve bullets and grain for expansion. From 2019 to 2020, Yixian E-commerce completed three rounds of financing with a total of 450 million US dollars, which perfectly caught up with the capital dividend when new consumption was emerging. And listed at the end of 2020, becoming the first share of new beauty consumption, with a pre-listing valuation of US$7 billion.
The second is the traffic bonus. Perfect Diary meets the rise of live broadcast e-commerce and social content e-commerce, occupying the high traffic area. In 2018, Xiaohongshu transformed into community sharing, and Douyin also became popular. Perfect Diary has added more marketing to new e-commerce channels, looking for KOLs to bring goods, looking for KOC to promote, various product posts, short videos are pushed in large numbers, and the popularity of live broadcasts, the sales of Perfect Diary have skyrocketed.
With the blessing of various bonuses, Perfect Diary quickly broke through among the makeup brands. In December 2018, Perfect Diary topped the Tmall makeup sales list. On Double Eleven in 2019, Perfect Diary became the first domestic brand to top the Tmall Double Eleven makeup list in terms of turnover. On Double Eleven in 2020, the sales of Perfect Diary exceeded 600 million yuan, ranking first in Tmall makeup sales.