Mumbaians are cool. They do things smartly. Therefore, they prefer relocating their four-wheeler to reliable auto transporters who offer top-notch car carrier services in Mumbai. Because they know car shipping over a long distance can be tiring and life-threatening. Also, they know they hardly save anything by moving their car over a far-flung place but only cause unnecessary inconvenience to themselves and wear and tear to their vehicles. These are some of the major reasons why people in Mumbai choose to get their driving machines shipped by auto experts. Here we have shed light on other crucial perks you can gain by getting your car shipped with licensed movers: 

  1. Licensed movers offer excellent end-to-end and door-to-door auto shipping.

  2. You can expect on-time and guaranteed auto shipping from them. 

  3. They put customers at rest with flexible payment gateways with COD. 

  4. Top auto movers offer customers insurance coverage with a hassle-free claim.  

  5. You can track your four-wheeler’s movement as they provide you with a GPS tracking facility. 

Pro-tip to save when moving with experts: 

Numerous factors affect car transport costs, including distance, car model, insurance cost, preferred carrier (open or enclosed), time and season, mode of transportation, etc. Standard charges for car transportation for up to 1500 km may range between INR 10,000 and INR 15,000 or more. As far as affordability matters, you must ask for quotes from at least five top movers to compare and gain leverage during negotiation to sweeten the deal. Indian Railway is also a dependable and affordable means of vehicle transportation with which you can save a substantial amount. 

Concluding Remark 

We hope you found the above information helpful. Car shipping is an act of responsibility. Therefore, you must approach a professional and licensed auto mover who is known for top-notch car and bike shifting in Mumbai.