Today's Nintendo Direct found out a predictably lovely gameplay trailer for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and it is 5 perfect mins of Animal Crossing Items fruit-selecting, butterfly-catching, gallivanting fun. The trailer also breaks down some new additions to the Animal Crossing franchise, like the island's Resident Services constructing, crafting mechanics, and eight-participant on-line multiplayer. 

The Resident Services building is where you may purchase tools and furnishings. And whilst you are there, an environmentally friendly Tom Nook is providing to shop for your "undesirable items" and weeds as a part of the town's new "Island Cleanup Plan." Now if you pass a weekend and are available returned to the game, you may possibly be busy collecting weeds and turning them into sweet, candy Bells.

Then there's the Nook Mileage Program, that's the best mileage application I've ever been inquisitive about. Completing specific activities, like greeting a sure wide variety of citizens, the use of your NookPhone, and catching Buy Animal Crossing Items a group of fish, can earn you Nook Miles which you can alternate for special gadgets and recipes.