As looks are becoming more and more important today, more and more people are following beauty makeup blogs in order to learn about makeup and dressing. For many makeup artists, beauty bloggers are mentors on the road to beauty. 

So, to draw attention to the right beauty bloggers, I compiled ten of China's hottest beauty bloggers for everyone. Quickly follow these bloggers off your fashion trail in high quality beauty blog!

The photo retouching often includes beauty photos, and some customers also ask the retoucher to modify the makeup of the characters.As a retoucher, in addition to mastering retouching skills, you also need to understand makeup!Where did you learn about makeup?This time we will introduce a few beauty experts and useful beauty blog at home and abroad,They are all masters of makeup~their hands can be called PS in reality!

Beauty blogger Pony recently suddenly announced that he will enter the marriage hall with his boyfriend who has been in love for 10 years in May this year. The news shocked the beauty industry. So many girls had learned a lot from her great beauty blog.Born in 1989, Pony is a well-known beauty blogger in Korea and a god-level figure in the global makeup industry. The picture is a photo of Pony without makeup. His facial features are not particularly delicate, and his chin is not the popular "snake face". At first glance, there is nothing special about it.

However, the most popular make-up blogger in Korea just needs a little tidying up, and it becomes like this (picture): just take a picture, it is a landscape. Pony has been running his own beauty blog since 2008. Over the years, he has worked hard, published many makeup books, and has his own makeup brand. However, the most admirable thing about Pony is its makeup technology that can almost match the real one with cosplay.

How good is Pony's makeup skills? She can even imitate cartoon characters vividly. The picture above shows Pony makeup as Princess Elsa in "Frozen".Westerners with deep facial features also imitate them. 
In addition to Pony, the god-level beauty artist in Korea, these domestic beauty bloggers who are closer to us are also worth checking out!You will also find good tips in our domestic good beauty blog.
1 Weibo name: Sister Little Pig zz Features: God-level imitation makeup that is exactly the same, imitating whoever
(The following pictures are all from the microblog of little pig sister zz)
Your husband Song Joong Ki's imitation makeup can't be too flirtatious! Friends who like fake makeup must not miss the fake makeup tutorial of Sister Piggy! Very natural and not exaggerated effects are definitely worth learning.So many good tips  in her beauty blog.Goddess Gao Junxi's imitation makeup, this aura, this makeup looks handsome!

2 Weibo name: momo sauce is also Mr. Xu Features: Transform into a goddess in seconds, natural makeup that is definitely worth learning

3 Weibo name: Qiuqiu-qiuqiu Features: Sweet makeup with changeable styles
(The following pictures are all from Qiuqiu-qiuqiu's microblog)I am a beauty embryo~, the makeup looks sweet and Korean style. Cheerful and funny, the makeup is very suitable for girls in their 20s!A must-learn for natural everyday makeup!Cute cherry blossom makeup is a must for soft girls!There will also be styling tutorials on hairstyles—beautiful hairstyles for dating girlfriends