Warm-toned metals like brass are traditional, timeless finishes that bring a warm, nostalgic feel to your interiors. A classic finish, brass is considered as far back as 2014, and many interior designers and homeowners were hesitant about the finish until recent years. Many still think brass is out, harking back to the 1980s trend for wall-to-wall brass fixtures, but its luxurious allure has earned it a firm place on today's design radar. Brass door handles are making a comeback, and they could be the perfect piece of hardware to set the tone for your home.

  The emerging trend is low-key, subtle, and quiet. Gone are the loud brass tones of the 1980s, replaced by soft, brushed gold. A bright gold brass finish creates warmth, elegance, and sophistication, while a brushed finish creates an updated, modern look.

  Incorporating brass accessories into your interiors should be the same as you accessorize clothing. Think of your brass fixtures as gold jewelry to add the finishing touch to your home design. But choosing hardware shouldn't be a last-minute decision. Well-chosen hardware will transform an ordinary space or work into a multi-textured interior scheme.

  When brass returned to the forefront of the design world, it was clear that it would not go out of style. So whether you're looking to update your current hardware or add brass accents to your home, Beautiful Brass is here.

  Brass can be difficult to use in a modern, fresh way that won't feel dated in a few years, so we have some tips to follow if you want to incorporate a brass finish into your home.

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