In recent years, feeding silage to dairy cattle such as cows and buffaloes has become a significant trend as it has many benefits, which some of you already know about. In addition, it is a good choice for medium milk-yielding cows. But the question is, is silage a complete fodder for medium milk-yielding cows? We will find out in this post. 


Benefits of feeding silage to cows


In this section, as Silage Agro Private Limited, we will look at the benefits of feeding silage to dairy cows and buffaloes.


        Silage is good for the health of cows, buffaloes, and ruminants.

        This fodder is tasty and smells good, so the cattle eat more and gain more nutrients.

        It increases milk yield in cows and buffaloes.

        It is easily digestible, and thus your cattle can consume it without worrying about digestibility issues.

        Suitable for the health of lactating cows.

        Ideal for the growth of calves. Studies show that calves fed silage regularly grows into healthy and strong cows. 


How much silage can we feed to a cow?

Another fact we need to know about feeding Promaize Silage to cows is the maximum silage we can provide at a time. To give you a simple answer, this depends on the ruminant's Dry Matter (DM) intake needs, which directly depends on its milk yield. We need to keep the following things in mind, though, when feeding silage.


        We must adjust the energy and protein our cows can consume.

        Remember, the DM intake in cows and buffaloes depends on how much NDF is in the feed.

        If the silage contains more NDF, the correct strategy is to reduce the DM intake.


Please Note: The above strategy is significant for fresher cows (recently calved) because, in these ruminants, we need to push the DM against the psychological impacts of calving, changing the rumen microflora, and rapidly urgent energy requirements. Remember that the cow is in the most crucial stage, and if proper feeding and care are not provided, milk yield can be seriously affected.


Additional tips: If you are cultivating and producing your silage, it is wise to adjust the maximum energy and NDF needs from silage. However, adding dry straw or hay and high-energy density ingredients is necessary to meet the DM requirements.           


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