"Diamonds are forever" and "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," these famous lines clearly indicate a woman's love for this precious stone. As in the first row, diamonds are actually eternal because they form for almost as long. Diamonds have different meanings to different people. They are symbols of love, wealth and power, while for many others they are only the jewels of the rich.

There are several reasons why Lab Grown Diamonds UK are relatively on the rise in the market. The first is that the demand for diamonds does not stop. People think that diamonds are rare and precious stones and their value will never decrease. Another reason is that its cost is cheaper than natural diamonds. People are more likely to go for the cheaper option, and since they are both made of the same material, the fabrication wouldn't be enough for that. After all, producing diamonds in labs is much better for the environment than mining them.

Technology has improved over the years. New innovations have made it possible to make diamonds in the laboratory, a faster and cheaper way to produce diamonds. Lab-produced diamonds are known as synthetic diamonds and are made from the same material as mined diamonds. Both are made of pure carbon with a crystal structure that only a jeweler can tell the difference.

This difference can only be determined with special equipment. Laboratory diamonds are created using several methods. The first and original method of making laboratory diamonds is the HPHT, or High Pressure High Temperature, process. This method is widely used due to its low cost. This process involves a pressure of 5 GPa at a temperature of 1500 °C. Other methods include CVD or chemical vapor deposition, explosive modulation, and sonication.

While some of you may not be convinced to consider gifting your fiancé a lab-grown diamond, others may find it an economical option that can be enjoyed with a clear conscience. There are many reliable online stores that offer beautiful, handcrafted, lab-grown diamond jewelry, as well as gorgeous, flawless stones to use in your designs.

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