With the rapid development of the die casting industry, die casting parts have been gradually applied in various fields, and the development of the Die casting manufacturer is also getting faster and faster. Many details need to be paid attention to in the production of die castings. Details determine success or failure, and these details can determine the quality of die castings. The structural design of castings should pay attention to the following points.

It is necessary to easily manufacture a model, core box, and modeling: the external shape of the casting should be as simple as possible, and the flat surface of the casting type should be minimized to facilitate demolding; the lumen of the casting should not use core or should not be used during casting Try not to use it. When using the core, it is convenient to support, fix and vent the sand. If necessary, make enough technical holes; in the die direction of the inner and outer castings and the steel rib structure, a constant structural gradient must be established; to ensure the quality of the casting The formability is good, and the minimum thickness of the control casting exceeds the allowable value.

Nowadays, the production of die-casting parts is very standardized, and the gradual production of the OEM aluminum enclosure is also very strict, so the quality is relatively controlled.