Written in the front: Today, I will recommend a few beauty bloggers who I think are more suitable for novices to learn. What is not mentioned is not that this circle does not recommend or is not good! There are too many excellent beauty bloggers in the circle, someone can’t finish writing (so don’t spray me)

Doudou_Babe: A beauty blogger of Ghost Horse Fairy, you can learn a lot of practical tips for makeup. The makeup is more delicate for daily life, and the makeup steps are basically simplified, which is suitable for beginners to learn. Quan'er learned a lot of makeup tips from her, such as how to trim eyebrows, draw eyebrows, and conceal blemishes. However, the overall characteristics of each of her makeup tutorials do not change much, and they are limited by personal characteristics, but they are still worth learning for novices in stages.You will find happy in her blog about makeup.
Cheng Shi'an: This sister has learned makeup systematically. There are many bloggers who have learned some makeup skills from her, which are very practical and easy to learn. Someone in my circle learned how to apply foundation and eyeliner from her, so I I would like to call it the most suitable beauty blogger for novices to learn (I only represent my personal views and do not accept rebuttals). However, the young lady focuses on partial makeup teaching, which is relatively fragmented, and the overall makeup is less focused.It is a useful blog about makeup.
Mao Geping: I don’t need to say more, Mr. Mao. The makeup skills are excellent. Although Mao Geping’s makeup school has always been controversial, Mr. Mao’s own skills are still excellent. I recommend learning Mr. Mao’s base makeup painting method, especially if you like light makeup and nude makeup Sensitive sisters, detailed explanations, from tool usage to makeup techniques are very detailed and worth learning (but there are also many complicated techniques that ordinary people like me can't learn.)It is a simple way to get useful tips in latest blog about makeup.
Finally, I would like to remind everyone:
Friends who simply want to learn makeup and want to be beautiful can learn from beauty bloggers, because it is relatively faster to learn from bloggers if they just want to dress themselves up. The makeup style is relatively fixed, and the content is fragmented, which is a bit like targeted It's a crash course, but it's enough for friends who simply learn makeup.It is easy to get useful tips in this simple blog about makeup.
Friends who want to enter this industry and treat makeup as a job go to a professional makeup school to study systematically, which is much better than learning from a blogger by yourself (if you feel that you are talented and can be self-taught, then just ignore it), systematic and comprehensive learning Makeup technology is the basic requirement for a makeup artist, so friends who want to engage in the beauty industry still need to go to school to learn. Of course, it does not mean that you can learn it well by just looking for a makeup school. You still have to choose carefully, after all, there are no pitfalls here. At least, remember that school choice is critical to anyone who wants to work in this career.Good blog about makeup to learn useful beauty tips.
In the back of the circle, I will share the points that need to be paid attention to when choosing a makeup school and some pitfalls in it. Interested friends can pay more attention, or you can directly post this circle, and you will reply when you see it! ! !