Animal Crossing: New Horizons' 1.10 update is now live, and it'sACNH Bells  added a handful of latest seasonal items to the game. Today, May 5, marks your remaining risk to choose up a carp banner and newsprint helmet for the Japanese excursion Children's Day, even as two Mother's Day gadgets are available through the quit of the month.

The carp banner runs for five,500 bells and the newsprint helmet most effective fees a hundred and twenty, whilst the two Mother's Day gadgets include carnations (1,six hundred bells) and a thank-you mother mug (600 bells). To order them, you may first want to access Nook Shopping either out of your NookPhone or the Nook Stop terminal in your Resident Services building, then open the Special Goods catalog. The 4 items will be indexed within the Seasonal tab.

There are more seasonal gadgets on the horizon. Later in May, Nook Shopping will also stock gadgets celebrating the United Kingdom's Cheese Rolling occasion, whilst Father's Day objects can be available during June. You can examine greater about the approaching seasonal gadgets on Nintendo's website.

In addition to the brand new seasonal objects, New Horizons' 1.10 replace is bringing returned a trio of preceding events with some "new wrinkles." From April 29 to May 7, you may be able to embark on every other unique island excursion for May Day. This time, the island you go to could be Animal Crossing Bells for Sale completely one of a kind from the only that became featured final 12 months. The Museum Stamp Rally is also returning later within the month, and you'll be able to take wedding ceremony photos for Cyrus and Reese all at some point of June.