A Manufacturer of High-Quality Rotary Drilling Rig Spare Parts

Choosing the right rotary drilling rig spare parts can be an important factor in your drilling projects like kelly sleeve. The best way to ensure you get the right part is to contact the manufacturer directly. A reputable supplier can provide you with the correct information and help you choose the right parts.

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Boart Longyear

Whether you're looking for an upgrade, a new rig, or a complete overhaul of your existing equipment, Boart Longyear has a range of services to help you meet your drilling needs.

They offer a wide variety of multipurpose rigs that can be configured to perform reverse circulation drilling like casing teeth, diamond core drilling, or other drilling services. In addition, their products include a selection of heavy-duty multipurpose drills.

Their drills are designed for geo-construction, geotechnical, oil sands exploration, and construction drilling. Their parts are manufactured with the highest quality and precision. They're also known for their high performance and durability. The company also provides ongoing maintenance and repair assistance.

As a global supplier of drilling products and services, they understand how a lack of a spare part can affect your bottom line. They make genuine parts that are engineered to meet the most demanding conditions. These high-quality components mean that you can enjoy less downtime and more uptime.

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Rama Mining Tools

Whether you need a heavy duty drill or a compact plughole drill, Rama Mining Tools is the company to turn to. They offer drills and rotary hammers that combine durability and high performance. In addition, they are easy to operate and are backed by an extensive product line.

The DANFOSS PVG 32 is a drill rig that features hydraulic stabilizers, a digital display and automatic greasing for drill rod threads. The machine is manufactured in Val-Or, Canada. Its design allows for long-hole drilling in underground mines.

Another rotary hammer, the CP 0014RR, is used for chipping and cleaning welds. It is available in black iodized and chromed cylinders. The cylinder has a 67mm piston bore dia, providing a high feed force. Its telescopic feed cylinder is also standard. The standard rotary head is direct-connected.

The Rama Mining Tools Pick Hammer is used for rock breaking and heavy duty chipping. Its four-bolt handle provides durability and ease of maintenance. Its high productivity makes it ideal for challenging job sites.


Founded in 1974 by Giulio Accorroni, IMT has been in the business of manufacturing hydraulic pilings, rotary drilling rigs, and related products and services for over thirty years. Its flagship product, the AF series, drills shafts ranging from sixteen to 118 inches in diameter. The company has a global commercial network and is renowned for its quality and prompt customer service.

Several factors should be taken into consideration when purchasing a foundation drilling rig, including the weight of the rig and the type of soil it will be working on. Depending on the requirements of the project, it may be more practical to purchase a lightweight model, especially if it can squeeze through narrow spaces as small as nine millimeters.

Luckily, there are many companies that can help you pick the best rig for your budget and your construction site. The first and foremost is to ask your sales engineer about the various models that meet your needs.

PARD system

Whether you want to buy a new rotary drilling rig and Roller Bits or need to repair your old one, there is a high-quality manufacturer of rotary drilling rig spare parts that you can trust. This company's products are designed to meet your needs and ensure safety, efficiency, and reliability.

The IMT Research and Development team is made up of mechanical engineers and specialized technicians, who use specific programs to ensure precise assembling and production standards. IMT also provides excellent post-sales assistance. You can count on efficient technical support and an efficient commercial network, which helps to promote customer satisfaction.

The BAUER Maschinen GmbH company has built a reputation for being an innovative manufacturer of a range of specialist foundation engineering equipment. This includes a full line of foundation drill rigs, which are designed for various applications.

The PARD system has been developed to increase productivity and safety during drilling operations. This system combines percussive power and airflow adjustment to straighten and stabilize holes. This makes hole collaring and re-drilling easier and more efficient. It reduces the total cost of drilling.