Clean and dry utensils and pickled food before use. When used, the frying basket and the storage barrel are clean and oil-free, the food materials are spread on the frying basket, and the frying basket and the storage barrel are partially assembled back. Set the temperature according to the instructions of the ingredients, and preheat it, generally for more than 3 minutes. After hearing the prompt tone, go out of the pot and swing the plate. Clean in time after use.


Air fryer Toshiba uses high-speed air circulation technology to combine fast-circulating hot air with internal spiral patterns, so as to achieve the effect and taste of frying food. Generally speaking, when heated, high-temperature hot air will be generated in the pot to form a crisp surface layer on the food surface, which will lock the moisture inside the food materials and achieve the fragrant and crisp taste of ordinary fried food.


How to use the air fryer Toshiba? Specific 9 steps for using an air fryer


1. Clean the frying pan and frying basket of the air frying pan with detergent, warm water, and a sponge. If there is dust on the surface of the air frying pan, it is recommended that you directly wipe it with a damp cloth.


2. Place the air frying pan on a flat surface, and then place the frying basket inside the frying pan.


3. Connect the power supply. Directly plug the power supply of the air fryer into the grounded power plug.


4. Carefully pull out the frying pan, put the selected ingredients on the frying basket, and finally push the frying pan into the air frying pan.


5. Set the time and open the button to start the cooking process.


6. When it reaches the preset time, the timer will ring. At this time, pull out the frying pan and put it outside.


7. See if the ingredients are successfully cooked, and take out the small ingredients to avoid waste.


8. Press the switch for disassembling the frying basket, take out the frying basket, and then pour the ingredients in the basket onto the plate or bowl.


9. Clean the air fryer Toshiba immediately after it cools down.