Are you interested in cycling to work instead of driving? Maybe what you want to solve is a path that can't be reached by standard mountain bikes. An electric bicycle can make your pedal more energetic, help you cross the town or road faster, and let your legs exercise as much as possible.

There are many different styles of electric bicycles. In this review, we have included our favorite models in each category. However, if you know what type of electric bicycle you want, we will provide more in-depth information in the classified comments.


Best electric bicycle with fat tires

Aventon Adventure Step


We like Aventon's idea of gradually passing the adventure, and riders do not want to limit their paved surfaces. The 4-inch wide tires and great front suspension expand the bike's ability to perform well on a variety of surfaces, including gravel roads and soft trails, and make it impressively stable and smooth. This is one of the most powerful bicycles we tested, equipped with a 750W motor, pedal assist and 720Wh battery, with a speed of 28 mph, providing a considerable range. The battery integrated with the frame, high-quality components and clean design make this bike look very fashionable. It has two frame sizes and stride frame (we have tested) and stride frame styles to adapt to the user's height and preferences.

One of the most important disadvantages of the Adventure is its weight. It weighs 73 pounds and is just a big and heavy bicycle, which is not easy to transport. It's a little too heavy for most bike racks, and it's a challenge to put it in the back of a truck or take it up the stairs. Although 4-inch wide multi segmented tires are very suitable for handling a wider range of surfaces, we found that they felt a bit sluggish on the road, which made the handling feel more sluggish. In addition to these concerns.


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Best overall electric mountain bike

Special turbine excitation compensation


Super found in the turbine excitation compensation electric mountain bike power and natural processing of the perfect balance. The full power electric bicycle is heavier in any case, but the power transmission of the Levo is stable (improved compared with the sudden power failure of the old version), and the balance is good. Among all the models we tested, it is most like an "ordinary off-road vehicle". The latest turbine full power 2.2 motor system has been carefully designed, with a torque of up to 90Nm, which is more powerful than enough power to push you to climb the mountain slopes that can't be conquered by standard bicycles. The geometric shape of the hybrid wheel with adjustable size and height also makes Levo Comp one of the most customizable options; A few small adjustments can make a huge difference, allowing you to quickly and easily customize your bike to suit different riding styles and terrain. In terms of range, Levo also ranks high among similar models. We are confident of long distance riding.

Although this is undoubtedly one of our favorite electric bicycles, in some areas, Levo is not the best performance. The SRAM Code R hydraulic disc brake on this bike is far from our favorite, and the fox 36 rhythm fork, which is not specific to electric bikes, has left a little room for improvement. The bike also has no digital display. The only information available to the driver immediately is the led light on the tube at the top of the frame, which shows the current support settings and the remaining battery life. If you value a large amount of information at a glance, the higher priced Levo is equipped with a digital display, or you can purchase a separate accessory.