Toshiba microwave air fryer is a common household appliance in life. It always carries a tray that can be used when baking food. It is usually placed directly in the air fryer, rather than upside down. Keep a certain distance when placing, that is, hang it empty.


Is the tray of Toshiba microwave air fryer placed on the spot or upside down?


Put it in now. Please refer to the manual.


Select a baking pan smaller than the diameter of the empty air frying pan, marinate the food in advance and put it on the baking pan, and then put the baking pan on the rack of the empty air frying pan. The rubber pad in the air-gas fryer does not need to be taken out during use. This rubber pad is a high-temperature resistant material, which will not melt due to high temperature during use, and is safer to use. This rubber pad can prevent the hands from being scratched when taking the stir-frying materials, and can also fix the position of the net rack in the air-air frying pan, prevent the food and the net rack from flying randomly in the air-air frying pan and make the air-air frying pan more durable.


Is the Toshiba microwave air fryer tray suspended?

The sandwich tray in the empty air fryer does not need to be pressed to the bottom, but it will be a distance from the bottom. In order to have a place to store the food after baking, there is no place to store the oil after it is pressed to the bottom.


In the pursuit of delicious and healthy food, the air frying pan without frying has become the new favorite of food lovers.


Precautions for Toshiba microwave air fryer

1. Before using the air frying pan, it is necessary to use a special detergent, hot water, and a sponge for cleaning to avoid leaving dust and food residue in the frying pan and affecting the baking quality. At the same time, wipe the inside and outside of the frying pan with a wet cloth.


2. The air fryer needs to be placed on a stable table to prevent it from swinging left and right during operation. In addition, the plug of the air-gas fryer needs to be connected to the socket with a ground wire to ensure safe use.


3. The air fryer needs to be preheated for five minutes before use. If the food is baked directly, it is easy to affect the taste of the food, and it is easy to stick to the pan. It is very difficult to clean, which will affect the normal use of the fryer.


4. Some foods need to be turned during cooking, or they will easily stick to the pan. After using the air frying pan, it is necessary to clean the frying pan in time to avoid condensation, which will increase the difficulty of cleaning in the later stage and is not conducive to the following food cooking.