Are Softail Electric Bikes Better Than MTB?

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There are many different types of bikes in the market, including softail ebikes and electric mountain bikes, but which one is better? In this post, we break down their characteristics, pros, and cons so you can be the judge.
A softail ebike features a suspension system in the front and rear wheels, which is the first difference you’ll find when comparing it with a mountain bike since the latter doesn’t have that extra rear suspension.

This allows softail ebikes to be more comfortable and stable, especially in terrains with difficulties such as hikes. Riders can feel more secure and have more control over the ebike thanks to its improved traction.

In essence, what drives riders to get this softail electric bike is the enhanced experience they’ll get to enjoy. Electric bikes help maximize pedaling, which is great for reducing the amount of effort you do when riding, and they also contribute to minimizing the impact of vibrations and bumps you can encounter when riding in uneven terrain.
What Is A Mountain Bike?
A mountain bike, as the name gives away, is a bike specifically designed for riding in harder terrains, like a mountain. This makes this bike significantly different from others due to certain features it has to help riders get through uneven terrains.

Mountain bikes are meant to be used in rugged conditions, therefore they have a more upright frame, and can complicate riders who are not used to doing much physical effort when riding.

These bikes are much more demanding physically and considered harder to ride. Apart from this, they are not very efficient when used on the road since their mountain features become obsolete.


They are lighter than an ebike for sale but are slower than them. What’s more, mountain bikes are powered purely by pedaling, therefore if you struggle with this or have existing injuries you might encounter a huge struggle. Overall, mountain bikes offer a bigger challenge whether you plan on using them on or off the road.