Outdoor LED flood lights are different from other types of lighting used in homes and businesses. The key difference is that they are often used outdoors, which requires the construction to be durable and able to withstand different types of weather conditions.

Outdoor flood lights sometimes have metal housings, usually made of aluminum, that protects the light from rain, strong winds, and extreme temperatures.

If you need something more basic, you can find flood lights made with plastic housings that are still designed to be somewhat weather-resistant.

Another option that some consumers may opt for is solar floodlights. It uses solar panels to capture solar energy and store it in rechargeable batteries until needed later that night.

Most flood lights are LED, DIH, or CLF lights. The latter is the least common, as these designs are very fragile when installed. DIH models are brighter than LEDs, but they also have a much shorter rated life.

For many people, LED floodlights are the best choice. They are an eco-friendly design that can reduce utility bills while providing ideal lighting levels. Flood lights are mainly used in outdoor applications. For example, they can be attached to motion detector switches, installed as porch lights, or used for other security purposes.

You may see different floodlight types used to meet the spotlighting needs of interior applications.

They are not typically used with indoor fixtures or light fixtures, although some models are designed for similar constructions for outdoor needs.

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