Do you want to know the American Airlines Name Correction procedure on a reserved ticket? If so, then here is the best place for you to learn the truth about it. When customers need to make changes to a reservation made with American Airlines, the airline offers a flight change service. One of the most common sorts of changes a passenger looks forward to applying for an existing booking with the airline is a name correction on a booked ticket with American Airlines. Therefore, if you need to comprehend the precise guidelines that are listed under American Airlines' name correction policy, you may find the information below.

What is American Airlines' name correction policy?

Go through the following lines to learn about the name correction/change policy: 

  • If a traveler makes a small spelling error when making the initial purchase, they are able to change their first name under American Airlines' name correction policy.

  • Additionally, American Airlines offers the option to totally alter a passenger's last name on a booked ticket in cases of legal changes like marriage or divorce.

  • After changing a passenger's name on their ticket, American Airlines offers a name change service in exchange for a set charge.

  • The American Airlines official website's My Trips option provides quick access to the name correction service.

Now, if you wish to learn about how to make the correction in your name. 

Steps for name correction on American Airlines:

  • Go to the My Trips section of American Airlines' official website.

  • then fill out the designated field with your first and last names.

  • Next, enter your booking code in the appropriate field.

  • To access your reservations with American Airlines, click the Find Reservation link.

  • The next step is to select the flight for which you need to apply name correction.

  • After that, change the name on the ticket and pay the associated cost.

  • Finally, American Airlines will provide your ticket information once the name modification has been made.

If you get stuck at any of the steps, you must contact the American Airlines live agent via call. Just dial the American Airlines Travel Agent phone number, and the live person will help you out. 

Types of American Airlines Name Corrections

You should be aware of the types of adjustments American Airlines permits if you want to modify the name on your ticket. It is not possible to completely alter a person's name and allow another person to travel on the same ticket.

There are two kinds of changes you can make to an existing reservation.

American Airlines Minor name correction

You can repair a spelling error on your ticket using this form of correction. The airline offers this service without charge to customers.

American Airlines' major name correction

A significant revision involves completely revising the final anime on the ticket. Either a divorce or a marriage may trigger this. To request this change, you must present documentation of the incident. The airline will also charge an extra cost for significant changes.

So, by now, you know almost everything about the name correction policy of American Airlines. However, if you still have any confusion, you can call us any moment.