To make affordable flight reservations, you can leverage American Airlines Flight Credit if your voucher is not yet expired. You can also follow the steps below.

·         Before using a global search engine like google or bing, you must first visit the Official Website of American Airlines. Once you have completed this, log in with your registered ID.

·         Next, check that the book tab is opened by default.

·         During this time, you can choose the type of trip.

·         You must also determine the origin (From), and destination (To).

·         Next, choose how many passengers you want to fly.

·         Next, mention the date of departure and return.

·         Now, hit the search button.

·         This will allow you to select a trip that is suitable for you from the list.

·         You will need to determine the payment method of miles/credit before you confirm your reservation on American Airlines.

·         You should pay any difference if your preferred fare exceeds the credit value. If your booking price is lower than the flight credit value, you will be liable for the complimentary flight.

The same process can be used to redeem the flight credit for American Airlines flights via the Mobile Application. You can redeem the credit anytime while booking your flight by contacting the experts immediately.

How do I connect with American Airlines experts?

American Airlines has found two ways to connect with experts. You can choose which options you prefer to reach American Airlines experts, depending on your schedule. To make it easier for you to contact American Airlines, you can also rely on these steps.


·         Visit American Airlines' official website.

·         After that, log in to your account.

·         Scroll down and click on Contact American.

·         This will take you to the next page, where you need to click on the link under email.

·         You should also decide on the topic and subject.

·         After you have completed the section's details, click on the link to "Submit a claim."

You should now go to the same link, complete the form, and then proceed as instructed.

Via Phone Number

·         Visit American Airlines Official Site.

·         Go to the bottom of this official page.

·         Click on Contact American to continue.

·         You can click the link under "Call us" to get the number.

·         You can now choose the topic you wish to contact. You can also choose the country according to your nationality.

·         Next, dial American Airlines Phone Number and listen to the IVR.

·         This will make it easier to press the right keys.

Let the IVR take care of your call to American Airlines experts.

Please note: When you send an email to American Airlines experts, make sure to include your contact details.