How to use a COMFEE flashwave?


1. After installing the base of the COMFEE air frying pan put it on the horizontal table, put the food to be cooked (needs to be pickled in advance) in the container (accessories are selected according to the needs), and then put the stove cover of the air frying pan.


2. Plug the air fryer into the power supply, and adjust the timer and thermostat knob to the appropriate position according to the food you want to make. Put down the handle of the air fryer, and the switch will automatically open.


3. Before turning on the switch until the whole process of cooking food, the heat dissipation outlet should be oriented toward the ventilation window or a place with good heat dissipation as far as possible, and other objects should not be placed behind or above the pot as far as possible to avoid damage.


4. After cooking, unplug and turn off the power of the COMFEE air fryer. Then, put the stove head on the stove head frame, and use the shelf to take the food out of the air frying pan. Pay attention to scalding during the process.