Depression has always been a limiting factor for many people, restricting them in social interactions, making them excessively introverted, and minimizing their inclusivity. Depression can be dealt with by using certain methods, including therapy sessions, exercise, eating healthy, attending community circles, or having a pet. Out of all these, having a pet gives you the feeling of companionship and makes you feel comfortable. There is no predetermined level of depression for getting an ESA dog - if you experience any negative emotions or stress, don’t hesitate, to get an ESA.

At realesaletter, we understand that mental health struggles are unique to each individual, and we believe that emotional support animals can provide comfort and support to anyone who needs it. Our team of licensed mental health professionals can evaluate your needs and determine if an ESA dog is the right fit for you. We believe that everyone deserves access to the mental health support they need, and we strive to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

That’s why an ESA Letter comes in handy for people dealing with depression. It not only helps to have a pet even in restricted spaces but also relieves the owner from pet taxes and other legal complexities.

It links more to the emotional connectivity of people suffering from depression rather than only owning a pet. It has a sentimental connection more than any other kind of connection and Emotional Support Animals relate more to your mood.

An emotional support animal letter for Housing relieves the owner of any pressure from the tenant. Once the therapist recommends an ESA, the animal becomes a part of the family and engages in the social circle of the owner. The ESA Letter for Housing provides for mentally disturbed people in the same way the Fair housing act provides for people with disabilities. In any uncomfortable situations relevant to your landlord not allowing accommodation for your ESA pet, an ESA Letter for Housing provides you with legal protection, as many landlords in the U.S. can hamper this emotional support.

When it comes to dealing with depression, any emotional support from your pet counts for a lot. In many instances, it is seen that people dealing with depression tend to be alone, not wanting to share their personal space but animals can sense the mood of their owners.

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While an Emotional Support Animal can be of any kind but ESA dogs can account for huge mental support as dogs are considered relatively smart animals and show their love and support unconditionally. Depression can also be curtailed by a sense of touch as it is believed to increase oxytocin levels and decreases cortisol level, infamous for depression, making sense of touch a major factor in decreasing stress levels.

Dogs are generally considered playful and active, breeds like Labrador and Golden Retriever are very attractive while breeds like German Shepherds can be very active. While emotional connection comes in handy while dealing with depression, physical activity is also important in treating depression. Having an ESA Dog helps in increasing physical activity as dogs tend to be more playful while going out for a walk or you can even enjoy a run with them.

Having an Emotional Support Animal in general and specifically, an ESA dog will make you feel responsible as you will be responsible for their food, walks and other needs. This will help the depressed to realize the positive aspects of one’s life as dogs show affection and care for their owners unconditionally. It is generally seen that dogs also help in reducing high blood pressure levels and ultimately reducing stress levels.

However, a real esa letter can only be issued by legally certified mental health practitioners like a psychologist, psychiatrist, or even your therapist. Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are very important when it comes to your mental health treatments, as it not only allows us to have unconditional love but no species or breed of animal is discriminated against from being an ESA.

Dogs can also sense cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose levels, so having a dog as an Emotional Support Animal will bring in many medical benefits as well. While considering the specific condition of depressed people, any act of support or care will have an impeccable effect on the mental state of that person.

Dogs usually show concern for their owners when they notice any different situation or smell any increased level of high blood glucose levels, thus a person dealing with loneliness will get the much-needed affection. This in turn will help to increase the social interaction of a depressed person as he/she will get to know about the importance of affection linked with social interaction.

Depression at times can get on our nerves and in such times, dogs give us great relief, either through their activity, touching, or acting cute. Choosing the right ESA pet is important but planning your routine is also very important. Dogs are generally very active and adaptive, that’s why they can also be very flexible when it comes to your activity schedule. The following tips can help you while having an ESA Dog:

  • You should interact often.
  • Get up and have your maximum activity time with your dog.
  • Communicate with your dog so that you can be relieved of pre-existing stress.
  • Treat your dog and have an emotional connection with it.

A licensed therapist will always recommend you develop an emotional connection with your ESA pet. Having an ESA dog not only helps in activity, medical and emotional aspects but you also realize your self-worth, seeing another creature dependent on you. Especially in times of pandemic, while dealing with depression, added negative vibes can have a deleterious effect on our mental health. But fostering a dog will help you to build a routine, schedule your activity and exercise, increase your social structure, and most importantly, it will provide the realization of companionship. An ESA Letter does not discriminate against service dogs from this domain, so you can always enjoy added perks.