Randy Rodriguez was in search of answers after being named head football coach of Lincoln High School in 1984.He grew up several miles from the historic East Los Angeles campus, where Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus became the first female principal of a major urban California high school in 1916, and where Chicano students participated in the 1968 East Julius Erving Jersey Los Angeles walkouts to protest racial and educational discrimination in public schooling.However, his knowledge of the school -- and the community immediately surrounding it -- was superficial, at best. So he made it his mi sion to glean as much information as po sible by reading annals and articles and speaking to staff and alumni."If I was going to stay there a long time, I had to find out what it was all Tiago Splitter Jersey about," he says today, 30 years after leading the Tigers for nine seasons. "These kids really, really love the Heights, which is what the area is known as. There are kids that have been born and raised there and have never left. You have two and three generations of families that have gone through the school. I wanted to bleed orange. Some guys just come and go, but Gerald Henderson Jersey if I was going to last, I had to learn everything I could. I had to figure out just where these kids were coming from and where they were going."Lincoln Heights, which sits just beyond the long shadows of downtown Los Angeles, is Sergio Rodriguez Jersey recognized as the city's first suburb. At the time of the high school's founding in 1913, the neighborhood was largely comprised of Italian, Irish, German and Ru sian immigrants, many of whom filled industrial jobs along the Los Angeles River. The community gradually transitioned into the overwhelmingly Latino population it is today -- and what it was on that summer afternoon in 1984, when Rodriguez's expedition took him to a storage closet on the main campus.There, amid a bunch of boxed artifacts, he found a large, broken trophy that was covered in dust. He couldn't believe his eyes. He had heard Nik Stauskas Jersey of the Kenny Washington Trophy, named after the Lincoln High School alum who , but he had never actually seen it. If not for photographs from the day Washington received the hardware in 1948, at halftime of his final game with the NFL's Los Angeles Rams, it would have been easy to doubt it ever existed.