The active wear has been a very major success in the mainstream fashion industry as well and it keeps getting more and more influential with the time. The reasons that can be attributed for this popularity are plenty but one that has to be the most logical one is the comfort while doing physically engaging tasks. Every outfit has to fulfil one mandatory condition and it is the ease of wearing without which everything else turns useless.

But as the rise in fashion has been a steady and continuous process, likewise the sports garments have also went through many changes and moderations that have brought it to a stage where we see it today. These changing trends are pivotal in success as versatility always helps to gain more and more people. Today, brands such as Nike are considered pioneer not just for their sports products and garments but as a fashionable Active wear brand altogether. You can find some amazingly well-researched and high quality products in their catalogue and buy them using the Nike Promo Code. Let us now take a look at some of the most popular active wear trends that are being loved by the fashion savvy people. 

Colourful and Edgy Performance Sneakers

The Sneakers have been the highest selling footwear style in the market and this could not just be ignored as a fluke. Even though, the sports shoes were always comfortable and easy going but they never attained the status which the sneakers have achieved within last half a decade or so. The sneakers are also coming in different styles and price range with a number of variations. At the present, Performance sneakers are a rage amongst the youth and fitness conscious people. The number of sales has seen an exponential growth and wide spread popularity ever since the performance sneakers arrived and the major selling point of this success is surely due to the punchy and sharp colour contrasts used in these sneakers. With the evolved synthetic materials such as Nike’s fly knit mesh and technologically sculpted soles, it seems there ain’t anything else to overtake its popularity any time soon!

Muscle Tanks/ Sports Vests

The fitness awareness has been one of the key aspects that have been emphasized upon of late. The raising conscience on the health and fitness has compelled more and more people to engage in physically intensive exercises and outdoor regimes. This evolved a completely modified version of vests which is popularly known as Muscle Tanks. This is vest with a bit of makeover and more accurate stitching to give more stretching ability and that enhances the appearance of body’s upper half with a very clean and trimmed look. The tanks also give the freedom to move the body more easily and this does increases performance of a person upon time. It is made of specially prepared dry-fit fabric which has sweat wicking properties and breathability for more convenience.



The layering has always been an elementary part of fashion trends whether you take the blazers and jackets or coats and pullovers. This was inevitably going to extend into the sportswear segment too and it has turned out so effective that a whole new segment was created out of its inspiration. Hoodies or sweatshirts are one of the most successful outfits that come from the sports background. It is undeniable that sweatshirts are one of the mainstream layering that is used by people all over the world. As a matter of fact, the sweatshirts are even more successful than the old-school sweaters and are selling in exponential numbers as compared to those pull-overs. The general perception of Hoodies has been immensely positive and a bit of credit to this success has to be the impact of its widespread use many pop stars, athletes, sports personalities and inspired street style clothes.

Yoga Leggings

The Leggings were first introduced in the 1980’s and it did gain some attraction but gradually disappeared without a trace within a couple of years. The problem with those leggings was that they were just made with black coloured and weirdly transparent clothes which couldn’t click in the mind-set of average population. But the things did change since the arrival of the western Yoga Pants which were basically a modified and disguised style of leggings. Initially launched for women but after its successful sales in the market, the sports based Yoga leggings started for both Men and women and it can be very easily sighted as most people are using them nowadays.

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