Horror movie are a very special presence in the history of cinema. Especially because it is not popular, and in all the countries in the relevant awards proportion is very small, and there is indeed a considerable number of people love this kind of work. Many famous directors and actors are also keen on these themes. I have personally watched these films through different media, and some of my feelings are also my personal experience. Of course, different viewing environments may have different feelings, so you can make a reference.
1.The Wolf of Snow Hollow
Written, directed and starred by Jim Cummings, The Wolf of Snow Valley has a touch of horror, suspense and fantasy. Jim plays a recovering gang officer. He's convinced there's a serial killer coming to town, but the townspeople think he's a werewolf. Ricky Lindhem plays his cerebral partner. Robert Foster, who died in October, played his father and the town sheriff. It was Foster's final performance on the big screen.

Inferno is a Horror movie directed by Tim Philbaum and starring Hannah Herzspron, Lars Eidinger, Stip Elsager, and others. Released in Germany on September 22, 2011.The film tells of a future in which humans are on the verge of extinction. Marna and her sister Leonie want to try their luck in the mountains, but a challenge of a magnitude that Marna could never have dreamed of is slowly approaching.

3.The Children
The Children is a horror film directed by Tom Shaklund and starring Stephen Campbell Moore and Rachel Shelley.The film tells the horror story of the main character being attacked by children.

Leviathan was created by George. Kosmatus directs a horror film starring Peter Weller, Richard Donald Criner and others.The film tells the story of a group of people trapped in a lonely environment, facing the brutal challenge of foreign bodies. A foreign object entered the ocean floor from space, killing six men and two women working at a deep-sea exploration station. The story.

The Late Sleepers is a Horror movie directed by Clive Barker. Craig Shaffer, David Cronenberg and others performed.A psychopathic killer psychologist, in order to exonerate his murder charges, repeatedly hypnotize his patient "Born", let Born think he is the murderer, and inform the police to arrest him.