National parks offer a pristine getaway from the city cacophony. They are the most authentic ways to come close to nature and spot wildlife. Breathtakingly beautiful flora and fauna add to the recreation. They encourage urban tourists like you to appreciate natural wonders like fresh air and greenery even more. Pobitora National Park in Assam is one such hidden gem that is relatively unexplored yet worth a visit.

Wondering why? Well, it houses the densest population of one-horned rhinos in the world and it is unlikely that you will miss seeing these rare giants. If you have an upcoming New Delhi to Guwahati flight, consider adding it to your itinerary. It is only 30 km from the city in the Morigaon district which makes it so popular.

Wildlife at Pobitora

You may be able to see 30 to 40 rhinos in a single safari. It is because the latest census conducted in March 2018 reported that there are 102 rhinos residing here. Besides this prime attraction, locals and tourists flock here to enjoy birdwatching. Among the 2000 migratory birds are whistling teal, grey-hooded warbler, white-vented myna, little egret, black-necked stork, and red-wattled lapwing. The marshy lands turn into their breeding grounds. Semi-wild buffaloes, barking deer, jackals, boars, and leopards are the other animals to check out.

Activities in Pobitora

Jeep and elephant safaris here are quite thrilling. You can go to different parts of the forest during different parts of the day. Jeep safari is done between 7 am to 3 pm and elephant safari is from 6:30 am to 7:30 am. Make online bookings side-by-side while checking flight tickets from Guwahati to Delhi to avoid standing behind queues. Do not forget to get the forest entry permit as well at the main entrance on the day of the visit. Besides wild animals, you may be able to see different terrains like flood plains and a hillock named Raja Mayong. All of these make it quite a family-friendly place, especially enjoyable for kids.

How to Reach?

Take a cab after deboarding your New Delhi to Guwahati flight. It will not take you more than 2 hours by road. Alternatively, you may check out the direct bus route that is available from Morigaon after reaching there from Guwahati. The best times to visit would be between November to March due to the pleasant climate. Make sure to carry sufficient woollens, sturdy walking shoes, and water bottles.

Where to Stay?

You can choose from a couple of resorts like Zizina Otis Arya Eco. Tourist lodges are also available in case you do not wish to splurge on a luxury stay. Pobitora Eco camp is also a good option if you wish to experience a rustic living experience in the jungle.

End the tour with delicious Assamese and Asian cuisines at nearby restaurants. Walk across the national park to check out Haduk Hanging Bridge over Garange Beel. These are excellent photography and selfie spots. You might notice pretty ducks and geese if you are lucky.