If you have a customer service issue with Sun Country, the best way to get it resolved is to speak to a Sun country customer service representative. Unfortunately, Sun Country does not have a customer service number that you can call. Instead, they have an online customer service form that you can fill out.

If you would prefer to speak to a customer service representative, there are a few steps you can take. First, try to find the customer service number for the airline you are flying with. If you are unable to find it, try searching for the customer service number for the airport you are departing from. You can also try searching online for “How can I speak to someone at Sun Country?” or “How do I speak to a real person at Sun Country Airlines?”.

Once you have found the customer service number, call it and follow the prompts. When you are connected to a customer service representative, let them know your issue and they will help you resolve it.

If you are unable to find a customer service number, you can also try reaching out to Sun Country on social media. Many companies have customer service accounts on popular social media platforms, such as Twitter or Facebook. You can also try sending an email to Sun Country's customer service email address. It's important to remain calm and polite when speaking with customer service representatives. Explain your issue clearly and provide any necessary information, such as your booking confirmation number or flight details. Remember to listen to the representative's instructions and ask any questions you may have. If your issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can ask to speak to a supervisor or manager. Most customer service representatives are trained to handle a wide range of issues, so speaking to a supervisor or manager may not be necessary. Overall, the key to resolving a customer service issue with Sun Country is to remain patient and persistent. Keep in mind that the customer service representative is there to help you, and with some effort, you can get your issue resolved.