Diablo Immortal is certainly enjoyable. It plays great on mobile and includes some top-notch production values D2R ladder items, which is especially impressive for a phone game that's free. It's entirely possible for players who are not experts to play through and experience the game's main story without having to spend money. However, as every fan knows, Diablo largely begins once the main story has been completed, and Blizzard is capitalizing on that with Diablo Immortal. 

The most disappointing aspect of Diablo Immortal stems not from the fact that it contains so many microtransactions or even its pay-to-win aspect. It's due to the unfortunate reality that instead of using Diablo's mobile debut to propel the mobile RPG landscape forward, as Blizzard has done with various genres over the years instead, it decided to take on the platform's worst practices. 

Diablo Immortal's pay-to win mechanics incentivize players to invest several hundred dollars (or in the estimation of one player more than $80. 000) in order to build their character's capabilities via Legendary Gems. The premium item bundles available in the game can begin as low as $1 and include made up "value" percents of around 800 percent to draw players into. As players advance and more bundles are unlocked The bundles begin to get more expensive. 

Three different paid-for services are in place to give players looking to spend more money and enjoy a bigger advantage over those who thought that they'd be able to compete by just buying a simple battle pass buy diablo 2 resurrected items. There's even an endgame progression system , which revolves around opening more expensive loot box with keys that can also be opened with a special currency bought using a premium currency.