on fullback seems like par for the course for the embattled linebacker, just going off his reel of dirty hits and cheap shots. However, , Burfict's suspension was undeserved -- and he's already a changed player. So much so, in fact, that he's become afraid to tackle.According to Lewis, after a mi sed tackle on the ' in Week 1 NFL Chicago Bears Jersey of the preseason, Burfict came to Lewis and said that he was afraid of making the hit due to the risk of drawing a penalty."He said 'Coach, I just didn't want to hit Mike Evans, I was afraid of getting a penalty,'" Lewis said, per ESPN. "And I just said, 'Wrap up, Mike Ditka Jersey use your arms, keep your head out of it.'"This could easily backfire, because the counter argument is that if a linebacker doesn't know how to tackle without drawing flags, then maybe there's something wrong with his core mechanics. Burfict's antics were most prevalent (and arguably came to a head) in the best-worst wild-card game of all time against the following the 2015 season. Burfict's attempt to decapitate a defensele s led to a costly penalty that all but cost the the game -- and Buster Skrine Jersey the Bengals linebacker three game checks. it's just notable example of dirty player from . Here's the play that led to Burfict's most recent suspension. Don't think Vontaze Burfict hit is dirty in "traditional" sense but clearly a violation of new NFL rule making receivers defensele s. Will Brinson (@WillBrinson) And Cody Whitehair Jersey here's on why the made an example out of Burfict, in regard to its new rule on defensele s receivers.SB Nation ran an article with the NFL. He has repeatedly gotten fined by the league for questionable tactics, including shots to the groin, ankle twisting and head hunting. He was initially suspended five games for his hit on Sherman, but ultimately "won" his appeal to get it reduced to three. Notably, Burfict wasn't flagged for the hit during the game, but was retroactively given the suspension. Burfict seems to suffer from syndrome, where he's incapable of just someone. It got so bad for Meriweather that pockets of fans celebrated Meriweather's concu sion (in a league that hates concu sions more than anything) when he Chicago Bears Jersey tried to spear . Burfict has received similar treatment from fans, and even if he is changing his style as Lewis claims, he still has a long history that he has to undo in the proce s.