A flawless, long-lasting and sophisticated finish is what makeup lovers have long sought. Perfect Diary cooperated with researcher Wang Chunru from the Key Laboratory of Molecular Nanostructure and Nanotechnology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to jointly develop and launch the patented anti-oxidant Xiaolanlock™ technology ingredient containing fullerene. The beautiful perfect diary loose powder used in this ingredient has received wide acclaim from the market , while effectively solving the problem of makeup removal and yellowing of the base makeup, it can truly lock the makeup and resist dullness, accompany you to brighten the night, easily achieve delicate and delicate makeup effects, and become the savior of the base makeup for people who are prone to makeup removal and dullness.

Patented Antioxidant Blue Lock™ to achieve long-lasting makeup without dullness
As the most critical part of the whole makeup, a good base makeup can enhance the texture of the whole makeup. After 3 years of research on the skin of Asian women and the exploration of the mechanism of base makeup, Perfect Diary’s base makeup research and development team has insight into the refined needs of consumers for “wish for a long-lasting makeup that is not dull all day” in terms of base makeup products, so they developed a product that can The product that essentially solves the problem of dull makeup—Perfect Diary Blue Loose Powder. The brand cooperates with the team of researcher Wang Chunru from the Key Laboratory of Molecular Nanostructure and Nanotechnology of the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences to break through technical difficulties and develop a patented anti-oxidant ingredient containing fullerene lock makeup. Effective anti-oxidation, anti-darkness of foundation makeup and high-power absorption of oil to keep makeup clean, lock delicate makeup for 12 hours, and meet consumers' demands for long-lasting makeup and color.

Compared with unused perfect diary loose powder, the useful perfect diary loose powder has excellent anti-oxidation and anti-darkness effects, effectively solving the problem of oxidative yellowing of skin oil that is prone to occur when wearing makeup for a long time; at the same time, it can help consumers wear makeup for 12 hours Reduce the dullness of base makeup by 67%, greatly enhance the makeup effect of base makeup, and solve the problem of dirty makeup. Great Perfect Diary Loose Powder has a breakthrough four times the directional oil absorption power 2, which can prevent skin oil from staying in the base makeup layer for a long time and destroy the base makeup, and effectively deal with the problem of floating powder and mottled. Its powder is as delicate as mist, and it can naturally hide pores after applying it on the face. While retaining the original color of the foundation, it perfectly fits the base makeup, creating a natural skin texture.

Three years of research and upgrades to solve the problem of long-lasting makeup
Over the years, Perfect Diary has been adhering to the brand concept of "beauty without limits", committed to exploring the trend of fashion makeup, and at the same time combined with the characteristics of Asian women's faces and skin, striving to break through itself and develop a series of "high-quality, "Creative and surprising" makeup products. Since its inception, Open Lab, a laboratory of its parent company Yixian E-commerce, has cooperated with multiple parties to carry out product research and development innovation, constantly break through technical difficulties, and manufacture cosmetics products with strict standards, aiming to bring consumers comprehensive and pioneering products. Sexual beauty experience.
This time, Perfect Diary and Wang Chunru, a researcher team from the Key Laboratory of Molecular Nanostructure and Nanotechnology, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, used fullerene technology to carefully develop and launch the fullerene makeup lock technology ingredient, which has extraordinary anti-oxidation and oil control effects. Makeup anti-dullness. In the future, Perfect Diary will also apply the patented anti-oxidant Little Blue Lock™ to more base makeup products, continuously release the potential of scientific research and innovation, and continue to export more practical and novel products for Chinese women.
Since the launch of Perfect Diary Loose Powder, consumers have favored it. Blue loose powder is suitable for various makeup needs of consumers in various life scenes. Whether it is the daily light makeup of the student party, the elegant commuting makeup of office workers, or the delicate and colorful makeup needed for the stage, just pat the blue loose powder on Make-up, press the powder box upside down 2-3 times to take the powder, and superimpose it once or twice on the place where the oil is strong, you can easily achieve high-efficiency anti-oxidation and long-lasting makeup, maintain delicate skin and delicate makeup at any time, and help women in any situation The occasion is not afraid of outside eyes, and boldly releases its own charm.
Perfect Diary explores the core causes of makeup loss and dullness from the root, and focuses on discovering the basic needs of consumers. Through continuous experimentation and research and development, the newly upgraded product quality of perfect diary loose powder can truly meet the needs of consumers for makeup. The brand has always focused on both quality and innovation. With scientific and strict quality requirements, it continues to output high-quality products, accompany every Chinese woman to listen to her inner voice, and bravely break through the boundaries of beauty.