Nepal is a country filled with Unity and Diversity. We all are cooperative and helpful to each other.Though our country is small and is never captured by any nation.The curret situation of Nepal is the hardest situation.


As talking about politics, Our country is the most corrupted countries.In Recent years our country has started to collapse. We Nepalese have ability but due to lack of Those employments we go and work abroad. If this continues we are soon expected to be the slaves of Indians.Ww are known to be the second richest country in water resources but we face loadshedding. We are mostly engaged in Agriculture but we Ourselves face the scarcity of goods.As we are mostly depended on India and China.We hear the big donour country who donates money but sad to say that those money are consumed by our politicians.We have the big projects like Melamchi Water Drinking water supply which was expected to complete within 7 years but still then its more than 20 years its incomplete

At last I want to say that we should build our own hand strong enough so that we can build our nation stronger. Working abroad isnt the solution creating and applying job in our own nation not only makes the Nation Strong towards Economy. It also secures the future of upcoming Generations.

Hope this article was good.I have added my knowledge and looked at the current situation of Nepal.