HP Printer is most of the time seen throwing error on the monitor and stops working. Though the error message gives clear intent and cause of breakdown, still at times we get errors, which seem jargons and bounces over the working knowledge. In these cases instead of performing actions on wild guesses or hit and trials call HP Printer Customer Support number +1-866-932-7634 and get readily available solutions for your issues related to HP Printers.

Here we will discuss some of the basic troubleshooting steps to be performed when you encounter Error with HP Printers.

Step 1: To ensure the cable connections are firmly and correctly connected.

  • Power off the printer and disconnect power cable
  • Disconnect the USB cable or Network cable connected to printer.
  • Disconnect the other end of the USB or Network cable.
  • Wait for 10 Seconds and reconnect the USB or Network Cable on the appropriate working source Port.
  • Connect the other end of the same to the Printer firmly.
  • Reconnect the power cable back and turn on the Printer.
  • Check for the error reoccurred.

Step 2: To check the installation of HP Printer cartridge and state of printer head.

  • Open the cover of HP Printer
  • Wait till the printer head with cartridge comes in the ejection platform and stops.
  • Hold and take out the HP printer cartridge carefully
  • Check the ink status of HP Printer Cartridge; replace the cartridge which is empty.
  • Ensure the printer head is clean if not then clean it will soft cotton.
  • Reinstall the printer cartridge properly and close the cover.
  • Perform a quick alignment test on printer
  • Now check again for the error message re occurs

Step 3: Check the Antivirus Firewall preventing to print

  • Hover your mouse to the system trey and locate the antivirus
  • Disable the firewall temporarily and perform printing task
  • If the error is removed then
  • Go to firewall and then preferences
  • Add the printer software executable file in exception list
  • Close the antivirus software and re-enable Antivirus program
  • Re-start the Operating System
  • Check for the error re-occurs

If you are still facing issues dial HP printer Toll-free number and get direct support from certified and experienced printer associates.

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