HP error code 3E0 occurs when there is an error message saying ‘Boot device not found’. Although HP provides the best quality and latest features in its products. But facing technical glitches is very common with the technological devices as they can occur from time to time. When BIOS checks for all the listed devices and is not able to find the bootable devices, then this causes this error. HP Support Phone Number can also be contacted when you need help for this error with your HP device.

Given below are some of the steps which might help you to fix the error 3F0:

  1. First, you need to perform a hard reset to fix the error 3F0 of your HP device.
  2. The reset will clear the memory of your system and it will establish a new connection. The connection of the software with the BIOS and the hardware will also be re-established.
  3. After this, restore the settings of the BIOS to its default.
  4. To reset the BIOS settings, enter into the ‘BIOS Setup’ by turning off the system and then restart it after sometimes. After this, keep pressing F10 to enter the setup.
  5. Go to the BIOS Setup screen and press F9 to load the default settings.
  6. Save the changes you have made using the arrow keys and press ‘Exit’ and then ‘Save Changes’.
  7. Restart the system and test the hard drive. Reset the hard drive and then perform a system recovery process.

These steps might help you to fix the error with your HP device. In case you didn’t get success, you can contact the technical team available at HP Customer Support Number.