HP Printer Support Number is the best way to get the quick fix for all the issues with your HP printer. There is no doubt that the HP printer produces great quality output but technical error can occur with any electronic device anytime. Hence, it is always better to have genuine and effective tech support by your side. So, whenever you feel that your HP printer is creating problems for you, you can give a call at the HP printer technical support number.

If you are looking for help to connect the HP printer to Apple laptop, go through the steps provided below:

  • Start the ‘Apple’ menu and check for the software updates for your HP printer.
    Now, turn on your HP printer and connect it to the laptop using the USB cable provided along with the printer.
    Go to ‘System Preferences’ given in the Apple menu.
    Click on the ‘Print and Fax’ option and then click on the lock icon given in the lower left corner.
    Next, enter username and password and click on the lock icon given under the ‘Printers’ menu.
    Select your HP printer and then click on the ‘Add’ option. If you are facing issues while adding your HP printer, you can connect with the technicians via HP support number.
    This will connect your HP printer to your Apple laptop.


After connecting the laptop to the printer, you can start using the various features of your HP printer. For printing related issues, we have a dedicated technical team working round the clock who can simply resolve the particular issue with your device. The technicians can be contacted at HP customer support number and the number is reachable throughout the year.

There are certified and well-trained technicians available at our side and there is no need to go for any other customer service center. HP customer service number is the perfect solution for the unlimited number of printing issues.

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