Quicken is one of the renowned personal finance software which is available in the market for more than a decade. It is perfect to use on Windows as well as Mac devices. This software is being used by generations to track their finances whether it’s personal or professionals.

Quicken is the best tool for those who are looking to manage every aspect of their finances such as bill paying, categorize your income and spending, budgeting, goal setting, reconciliation retirement planning, asset allocation, investment performance tracking, debt reduction, and much more. Get in touch with Quicken support number to know more.

So, if you want to achieve perfection in handling your finances, Quicken is what you need. It is very easy to use and achieve mastery in it. Here is the way to get started with Quicken in no time:


  • Purchase Quicken:


To purchase Quicken, one can use any e-commerce platform such as Amazon or play store. Also, it is available in the form of CD and DVD. It can also be purchased from Quicken official website. There are a number of versions and different subscription plans available to pick one from.


  • Create an Intuit ID:


Once you are done buying Quicken product, you need to generate an Intuit ID. If you already have any Intuit product such as Mint.com, QuickBooks, or TurboTax, you can use the same id, or the first time users can create a new one.

Creating a new Quicken ID is quite an easy process. It’s quite easy to start, just by creating a username and password.

To sync your Quicken services and merge the data stored, you must have an Intuit ID. Using this ID you can connect the Quicken data on the desktop as well as a mobile device.


  • Sync your accounts:


Once you are done creating the id, you will be asked to set up your account. The process will start from the “Home” tab, here you will get the overview of your financial activities. This tab is meant to provide you the quick tour to your activities. Also, it will allow you to check your spending habits, upcoming bills, investment, and the budget.


  • Set up your bills and statements:


To create the records for your finances, you need to set up bills as well as statements. This will help you track your cash flow and improve your financial management. So, your account and then visit Home tab, and select “Stay on top of Monthly bills”. Here you can provide your, their amount and duration of payment.

5: Create a budget:

This is the last step you need to do to enhance the effectiveness of your financial plans. With this, you can set a budget, record statements, and bills and make payments and track your monetary values.

It is very easy to use Quicken, but if you face any inconvenience while working with the product, you can reach the Quicken Support Phone Number. The support services are accessible all around the clock to help the worldwide users. Quicken Toll-Free Number is the ultimate place to get help regarding your Quicken product or service.

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