As we know, Facebook is all about keeping in touch with friends and family. Over the years, Facebook has changed the way of communication and online socializing. The main issue that arises for a Facebook user is the security it offers. When you create a Facebook account, you let others invade your privacy in some way or another. The personal things like pictures, videos, etc. can be misused if you don’t know how to identify online threats. With the help of technicians available at Facebook Phone Number, you can get information about how you can increase the security of your Facebook account.

Some of the ways that will enhance the security of your Facebook account have been mentioned below:

  1. First, you need to view what your Facebook profile looks like to the public. Go to your Facebook profile and click on the drop-down icon. Then click on the option ‘View as..’, you will be able to see how your profile looks like to the public. You can also select what your profile looks to a specific person from your friend list. This way you can decide what you want the other person to see on your profile.
  2. You can create separate lists for your Facebook friends so as to customize with whom you want to share your content. For example, you can put all your family members into a list called ‘Family’. This will help the next time when you want to share about a family event, you can ensure only a family member sees it.
  3. You can also decide who can see your future posts under ‘Account settings. Go to ‘Privacy’ settings and select the option ‘Who can see my future posts’? From the options available, you can select who will be able to see your posts.
  4. Make sure you review the posts that friend tag you in before letting them appear on your timeline. This way you can prevent yourself from getting tagged in embarrassing photos or videos.

In case you have any other security concerns, you can reach out to us at the Facebook support phone number.