Dear e-Sathi users,

We at e-Sathi are happy to introduce you "Pro" package for e-Sathi users. Now with the power of "Pro" package you will be able to boost your posts, adverstise swiftly and you can also get a VIP member badge. 

  1. Go to your profile page
  2. Click on "Upgrade to Pro"

How do you pay for Pro package?

  1. Click on Buy Now button 
  2. You will then have to click on e-Sewa button
  3. Equivalent amount is Rs. 100/day, Rs. 500/week, Rs. 5000/month and Rs. 50,000/year
  4. If you don't have e-Sewa id or account, you can despoit money in our bank account

    Account: Unelma Platforms
    IBAN/account number: 02400100967164000001
    Bank’s name: PRABHU BANK LTD
    Bank address: Ratnanagar-02, Tandi , Chitwan
    Bank country: Nepal

  5. Once deposited your account will be automatically upgraded to Pro accounts

We have officially integrated e-Sewa payment gateway so now you can easily pay for upgrading to Pro account. 

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