Facebook is the world's biggest web-community and the credit of its ubiquity goes to the wide range of appealing features. This platform is used on a worldwide level and helps to stay connected with families and friends. The term social life is never finished without expressing Facebook. This mammoth has brought the world closer by breaking all restrictions of communication. Each Facebook user can approach the other FB users just by adding them to their friend list.

However, due to excessive use of Facebook, there are unwanted element is available on the there. Hence, need arises to review your friend list on Facebook, you have to expel some of the friends who you discover worth keeping the contact any longer. Another object behind unfriending somebody can be their consistent tirade about governmental issues or a specific subject and now you need to end the constant torment you have on opening your timeline. Unfriending such irritating person is the ideal solution.

However, unfriending and unfollowing is a cakewalk for anyone, but if you need help on how to do this follow below-given steps or you can take help from Facebook experts by dialing the Facebook Customer Service Number.

How to “Unfriend” someone on Facebook?

By unfriending someone, means you don’t want that person in your friend list and don’t want to see any of the updates or posts from them. Follow underneath steps to do the unfriending task.

Unfriend using Web browser:

  • Open your default browser and go to Facebook.com
  • Now, open your Facebook account with right login cardinals
  • After opening the account tap on the profile  
  • Now tap on “Friends
  • The list of your friends will show on your screen,
  • In order to unfriend a person, tap on “friends” and then hit on “Unfriend

Unfriend using the Facebook app:

  • Open Facebook apps
  • Go to the profile and tap on the friends
  • A list will appear, holding all of your friends
  • Now go to “friends” and choose the “Unfriend” option

If you need any assistance or you are facing error while performing the above-given steps, dial Facebook Support Number for rapid fast help. The team has experienced technicians who know every single detail of Facebook.The Facebook Technical Support Number is available round the clock, so don’t need to hesitate to connect us. You will get one call solution for your FB query.