If you are owning an HP printer, this article is a holy grail for you, as it contains easy solutions to the common HP printer issues. To get help and support regarding HP printer, you can make a call to professionals by dialing HP support phone number.

Paper jam: This issue is the most commonly occurring with HP printers, but can be fixed easily. Start by clearing the printer’s input tray, the rear of the printer and printer’s head. Also, it is advisable to use the good quality printing sheets as the wrong type of sheets can clog the paper tray and cause a jam. So, cleaning the printer on a regular basis and using correct supplies can fix the paper ham in HP printer.

Ghosting: Ghosting is the error in which blurred or very poor quality of images and prints are produced. Also, the overlapping if the text is also part of this issue. To fix this, check the power supply, reboot your printer and replace printing drums if required. Also, provide all the consumable parts such as ink or toner cartridges in severe cases.

Driver issues: the incompatible, outdated or corrupt drivers are likely to produce the maximum number of printing obstacles and hence it is important to update the drivers on a regular basis.

If any other issue is affecting your HP printing experience, dial the toll-free HP printer support number and get experts’ help. This is the ultimate way to get the most accurate solution to the problem you are encountering while using an HP printer.