Did you know why our phones ring the most? 

You are right, it’s about health benefits of alkaline ionized water, but did you further know, which query has the highest probability to be inquired about. 

Great! You guessed it again. 

These are the queries regarding drinking alkaline water during pregnancy and its effects on the mother and the baby. They all are curious about safe and healthy option of drinking alkaline ionized water. The world is changing and the concern is picking. It’s great to see the increasing interest and growing need to avail the health benefits of alkaline ionized water during pregnancy. 

The best time for ladies is pregnancy, where every single move is important and every single action makes the difference. When every single thing they eat has its impact and every step has its effect. Exercises need caution and permission and so does the drinking and food. Being an expert in Alkaline Ionized Water we take this opportunity as our responsibility to educate about the benefits and limitations of consuming Alkaline water by pregnant ladies and their growing babies. 

The Alkaline Ionized water is a boon for pregnant ladies in more than one way or another. We all know water is a basic ingredient of the human body and so is equally important for the mother as well as the baby. The human body comprises 70% water making its quality important and quantity important to keep us healthy, fit and going, during pregnancy the ladies daily require minimum 5 litres water for better health and baby’s development. It’s just not the water rather the quality of the water which matters and this includes the right proportion of all minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. 

So, what’s that which suddenly makes the alkaline requirement more during pregnancy? During pregnancy, the body becomes more acidic as the baby replaces alkaline elements of the mother’s body by acidic wastes it produces. The baby consumes mother’s alkaline elements and generates acidic waste which gets added to the mother’s system. More the alkaline better the health whether it’s for the mother or the baby. 

Alkaline Ionized water helps pregnant women in many ways. Here are a few of the major benefits of it: 

Eliminates acid buildup – Alkaline Ionized water neutralizes the acid buildup and acidic reflux during pregnancy. As the baby consumes alkaline elements and generates acidic waste in the mother’s body, therefore alkaline water helps a lot in neutralizing this acidic content and keeping the mother healthy and ready with alkaline matter to again supply to the baby. 

Promotes the baby’s growth – Alkaline Ionized water contributes a lot to keep the body healthy by fulfilling his body requirement with alkaline contents. So, more the alkaline water consumed by the mother the more it helps the baby. 
Fulfil mineral requirements – Alkaline Ionized water comes with extra healthy minerals such as Calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc added to it during its formation and fulfils the mineral requirements of both, the mother and the baby, which otherwise is not fulfilled in case of tap water or some other groundwater. 

Neutralizes acidic wastes of amniotic fluid – The Alkaline Ionized water neutralizes the acidic waste expelled from the amniotic fluid by the placenta in the body of pregnant women, which can otherwise do a lot of harm in case left unchecked. 
Keeps better hydrated – The micro-clustering in the Alkaline Ionized water provides better hydration to the baby and the mother while promoting healthy growth to them. 
Promotes normal delivery – Alkaline Ionized water contributes a lot in the normal delivery of the baby by strengthening the mother’s muscles by keeping them hydrated and relieved. 
Removes free radicals - Alkaline ionized water is full of antioxidants. These antioxidants help to fight free radicals and eliminate them. 
Strengthens the immune system of the baby – Alkaline Ionized water strengthens the immune system of the baby and keeps it safe from infections and many vulnerable diseases that it may catch from the mother’s body itself. 

Easily absorbed by the body – Alkaline Ionized water has smaller molecular content and is therefore easily absorbed by the mother’s and the baby’s body and thus keeping them hydrated, safe and sound. 

Flush out toxins and other chemicals – Alkaline Ionized water flushes out the toxins and other chemicals from the body and keeps them safe and healthy. 
Alkaline Ionized filters eliminate harmful chemicals such as chlorine, herbicides and other chemicals, oxygenate the normal water, and add important minerals such as calcium, potassium, zinc and magnesium in addition to raising its pH level. 
The World Health Organisation WHO highly recommends adding minerals to drinking water to keep us fit, healthy and sound. Wonder Water Inc. a unit of centre point life style products Pvt. Ltd. (Chanson India) India’s largest official exclusive distributor of Chanson Water Company Ltd. (Taiwan) to provide the Chanson Alkaline water Ionizer machine and life style products. Chanson Taiwan is the world leader in manufacturing the highest quality alkaline water ionizer machine and life style products since 1979.

Source: https://chansonqualitywater.com/benefits-of-drinking-alkaline-ionized-water-during-pregnancy