The transparent Pet Preforms is a transparent white PET container formed by blow molding. After injection molding, the intermediate product preform is formed and then blow molded to form a PET bottle. This is a two-step molding principle. At present, transparent PET bottles are mostly used for packaging medicine, beverages, mineral water, candy, flavoring, etc. The transparent PET bottle is formed into a transparent preform by injection molding of a special material made of polyester. The transparent preform is blow-molded under specific pressure and temperature conditions, and the volume in the die of the mold is expanded according to the specifications of the mold. Corresponding height-thickness transparent PET bottles, how to solve the deformation problem of PET beverage bottles in the production process? The solution is as follows:

First, due to weight loss caused by deformation: PET bottles with different barrier effect materials are used to achieve excellent barrier effect to reduce deformation and other phenomena.

 Second, the deformation caused by hot filling: as much as possible at normal temperature filling, in order to achieve the purpose, the use of extended circulation transmission pipe or increase the cooling device to avoid this phenomenon. In general, PET bottles are widely used in different industries, and as a mainstream packaging form, they are favored by the market.

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