AOL email account is used by numerous people across the world but whenever there is any technical error in it then you can get panic and wonder for its proper resolution. Likewise, if while login in the account you find that the password that you are entering is incorrect, then you have to go for AOL password recovery. There are many ways in which you can recover the password. Below step by step explanation of password recovery has been provided.

Why there is need to recover password?

There are multiple reasons due to which you need to undergo AOL password recovery. Here are few of those reasons:

  1. You may have more than one account and you prefer to keep different username and password for different accounts. In that situation you forget the set of the username and password or you may remember the username but have forgotten the password of that account. AOL customer service team help you in that case,
  2. You might have reset the password currently in hurry and later you may remember the past passwords but you have forgotten the current password of the account. In that situation you must take help of AOL technical support team for recovering it back.
  3. If you find that you are unable to login even when you know that you are entering proper login details, then there is a possibility that your account has been hacked and the hacker has changed the password of the account. In that situation you have to seek help for AOL hacked account recovery.


  • In the first space, you have to find out the the security question that you have set and try to answer it. In case you are unable to answer the question or you have not set any security question beforehand, then you have to follow another procedure to recover the password.
  • Before starting AOL password recovery process, you have to ensure that you have a secondary email address to get the recovery steps there. If you do not have it then you can take help of support team who will help you in that case.
  • If you have a secondary email address linked to that account, then only you should click on forgot password link which is present in login page itself. If you have difficulty in finding this link, then you can contact AOL technical support
  • You will be taken to account support page from there. In this page you have to enter your full email address then you have to click next. If you find these steps difficult then you can contact in AOL mail help number where our team will help you to understand the steps.
  • There are few things that you have to answer in an order. First of all, you will be asked to enter any previous password that you may remember then you will be taken to password recovery page if you enter the previous password correctly.
  • The other way is that you can seek a verification code in the phone number linked to the account. After entering the code, you will be authenticated to have AOL password recovery.

These steps will certainly help you to recover the password instantly.  If you have difficulty in understanding these steps, then you can always contact the support team for help.

Qualities of support team

  • Whenever you have any problem in your AOL mail account, especially if you have AOL mail login problem, you can choose to take help from our team because our team is always there to provide you round the clock assistance. This means that our team is there for 24 hours, 365 days.
  • You can encounter any issue anytime during the day so you will need help at that particular moment so we are always present to assist you even if it is about AOL password recovery.
  • The team consists of highly qualified and professional technicians who have the ability to solve all the issues within minimum time frame. While providing remedy for the issues we also ensure that the complete security of the data is maintained especially when it is about AOL password recovery so that password is never misused by any of our executives.