It is not rare when users receive an "Oops" error message when they try to sign into the Canon website. If you are facing this kind of problem and receive an "Uh-oh," "Page not found," or you receive Time Out error message. This means you are not entering the right password. You can wait a few minutes and can try again later.

Following are the Common Fixes for Password Errors -

  1. You need to be sure that the keyboard Num Lock is turned on. It will benefit if your password contains numbers
  2. You need to check whether the Caps Lock key is not on, and then you can type the password again. Canon passwords are case-sensitive. You should be careful to use the correct capitalization.
  3. You can try all passwords you may have used for Canon files and along with other password-protected functions.

Restore Canon Automatic Backup Files

In case you don't have your own backup file, you can try restoring an automatic backup since Canon makes the backup of every seven days. If you put a password on your data file freshly, there is the possibility that this password may not be in this backup copy. If you cannot do this, you can take help of experts 24/7 by calling on Canon Support Phone Number.

Having problems with the password is common and you need not worry. Just dial Canon Toll Free Number and get your problem fixed to get the uninterrupted services. These experts have many years of experience and cater to fast services. You can call them on Canon Support Number at any time and from anywhere. So when next time you face a problem receiving your verification code with your Canon ID. These experts are the best solution.