Are you familiar with iTunes in your Apple devices?This article is about one of the alternatives which you can use to manage iOS devices instead of Apple’s iTunes.This amazing iOS management application is known as iTools 2019 and read more to learn about it!

Introduction to iTools 2019

You know that the iPhone has a separate iOS operating system which is somewhat difficult to manage than other mobile operating systems.Therefore, Apple manufacture introduced a system app to all iOS devices which is popular among all the iOS and as well as among non iOS users as iTunes.

Basically, even the iTools was introduced to manage iOS devices, it got more famous as a huge media library where users can download a lot of new songs, wallpapers and other media related substances.

So, when this iTools comes to managing iOS devices, users had to face many problems like accessibility, complexity and etc.Therefore, iOS users searched for new iOS management applications which made Thinksky Software group to release an iOS data management application called iTools!

This iTools were later developed into variety of versions and among them iTools 2019 can be presented as the most recent version of iTools which came into the web market!

Why should anyone use iTools 2019 instead of iTunes?

It would be normal if you question about this iTools 2019 as “Why should you use it while you already have iTunes on your iOS device?”

So, let us now understand why do you need to use iTools and what sort of benefits you can receive from using it than using iTunes.

User Friendly Interface

One of the most irritating facts of iTunes was that it was not user friendly as it had a complex process where people without technological knowledge can’t get access to iTunes.So, basically, iTools 2019 was made to give out solutions for that and consequently you may find that iTools 2019 has a lot easy user friendly interface.

Media Manager

One of the greatest things about iTools 2019 is that, you will be able to manage all kinds of media data and files such as wallpapers, audios, videos, documents and etc very smoothly than iTunes.So, with this option, you will be able to transfer any of your earlier mentioned media files between your iOS device with PC.

Easy data backup and restore

Earlier , if you want to do data backup and restore, you had to do it via iTunes, which was quite complex and long process.Now, with iTools 2019, it has that same option but with more advanced features which make you to backup and restore data very conveniently.

Battery Master

High battery consumption has been a constant issue of not only Apple users but also for any other users.However, to reduce the battery consumption, iTunes also had this feature.Anyway, iTools 2019 also included this option by adding a bar of battery which includes the details such as battery temp, boot voltage, current voltage and etc. So, that you can check this out and control the consumption of battery even more.

Want to get this amazing iTools 2019?

How to get iTools 2019?

To get iTools 2019, the only thing you have to do is visit the official iTools website and download it and install it on to your iOS device.

Hope you will enjoy this wonderful iTools 2019 !