Pet Preform Mould packaging is becoming more and more sophisticated. In the PET bottle packaging market, chemical bottles are a special field. Compared with other types of PET bottles, the production threshold is generally not high. Because of the special nature of packaging products, chemical bottles have certain requirements for chemical bottle manufacturers in all aspects of technical funds. There are also certain thresholds, not random. A manufacturer can enter, especially fluorinated bottles, barrier bottles and other packaging products, for chemical bottles have high parameters, if the packaging quality is not enough, once the product leakage and other problems, it will have very serious consequences.
       It is the special nature of chemical bottle packaging, it is necessary to establish strict market access standards for chemical bottle packaging products, and make detailed formulation for various fields involved in chemical products. At the same time, we will establish a threshold for manufacturers engaged in chemical bottle production and strengthen product supervision and monitoring.
       At the same time, we hope that domestic pet Pet Preform Manufacturers engaged in chemical bottle production can invest more manpower and resources in the research and development of products, and promote the upgrading of the performance of domestic chemical bottle packaging products. This will not only be conducive to the progress of the domestic chemical packaging industry, but also to the export of domestic chemical bottles.