The use of Pet Preform Mould temperature control technology. The blowing mold is usually heated by the hot oil circulation method, and the blowing mold is adjusted in three cycles: the bottom of the bottle is cooled. The bottom of the bottle is kept at a low temperature (10 ° C ~ 30 ° C) to prevent the unstretched bottom portion from being overly crystallized and whitened.

Bottleneck temperature adjustment (optional). The non-crystalline bottle mouth portion is completely cooled after being released from the injection mold. Most of the non-crystalline bottle mouths are designed with a reinforced bottle mouth (adding the wall thickness of the bottle mouth), and then the sealing function is improved to prevent the bottle mouth from being deformed during the capping process. Usually, after filling, the ovality of the bottle mouth is controlled within 0.2mm, and the thread outer diameter shortening rate is less than 0.6%.

The bottle is hot oil circulating. The blow mold was heated to 120 ° C to 145 ° C. Thus, the temperature difference between the preform and the blow mold cavity is reduced to promote further crystallization. Extend the blowing pressure keeping time so that the bottle wall and the cavity are touched for a long time and have enough time to increase the crystallinity of the bottle body to about 35% without damaging the transparency. The mold temperature below 100 °C has little effect on the crystallinity of the bottle body, since the crystallisation of the bottle body occurs above 100 °C.

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