AOL has always tried to provide its users with maximum satisfaction, but at times users may encounter some errors while working with the service. One such error is AOL server 400 which is an HTTP status code also called 400 bad requests. Generally, the error occurs at the time of installation of the program, running AOL messenger, at the time of starting and closing down Window and installing Windows operating system. It is highly recommended to fix this error as soon as possible as it would hamper your work. In this blog, you will get to know the causes as well as some solutions to fix AOL server error 400 bad requests. You can also get in touch with aol email customer service number to avail assistance from the experts who provide you with the best possible solution to your problem in no time.


Causes of AOL server error 400 bad request


You would have to peep at the given list to get to know some of the possible reasons behind the error 400:


  • When you have not installed the AOL messenger program properly
  • The Windows registry files might be corrupted
  • You might be entering incorrect URL in the web browser
  • Viruses and malware might have infected your software

Before moving further with the troubleshooting steps, you will have to keep these points in your mind so that it becomes easy for you to implement the measures


Steps to fix AOL server error 400 bad request


  • In the first step, you would have to repair Windows registry entries which are associated with the error 400 bad request
  • You are recommended to run the Antivirus program on your system to prevent any malware or viruses from creating trouble for you
  • You need to remove all the junk files from your system by using the Disc clean-up tool
  • You should also update the device drivers and then see if the issue is fixed
  • You are also recommended to undo all the recent changes you made on your computer. You can use Windows 10 system restore to execute this process
  • You can also uninstall the AOL messenger app and then install it again.
  • You will have to use System File Checker to repair corrupted and missing files
  • Ensure that you have installed all the available Windows updates
  • Now, you would have to perform a clean installation of the software on your device
  • You will also have to check the requesting URL twice


If you follow these steps, AOL server error 400 bad requests will be resolved quickly. If you face the error even after implementing these steps, you can contact aol email technical support number and ask for additional assistance from the experts. These techies will let you know the most efficient solution within a few minutes.


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