Root Android P is one of the leading discussions about the rise of root updates. But can you Root Android P with Root Genius? Let us look into the possibilities with regard to the best one-click tool Root Genius. It is entirely free root software serving through a wide range of firmware and devices. And from the process side, it drives through the easiest one-click approach making no complications. So take a look at all the updates.

How to Root Android P?

Rooting is a broad topic these days with regard to any Android firmware. And with no difference, we now see a lot of interest towards Root Android P with no regard to its plenty of upgrades default. While many are ready to accept what it has come up with, we find some struggling for a change. And that is where Root Android P comes.
As we discussed at the start, Root Genius is one of the very supporting and updated root apps for complete Android Root. But here, we still do not find them in Root Android P. However, that does not say it is impossible to Root Android P. So if you cannot wait for Root Genius update to support Root Android P, you may have another one-click root support with confirmed the compatibility.

About Root Genius Download

Root Genius is a famed one-click root tool for complete Android root giving easy one-click support through a wide array of devices and firmware to get with best Superuser privileges. So take a look at the highlighting Root Genius features before deciding on taking it for your root app.

  • Completely free to download
  • Support root APK and PC versions
  • One-click root support
  • Gives support through a wide array of Android devices and firmware
  • Secure processing through the root and unroot
  • 90% success rate guaranteed
  • Safe handling and comprehensive interface

What will you get with Root Android P?

Rooting is the most significant change you can apply over your stock Android setting in looking through a transformation. In merely, rooting is the only way you can gain the administrative privileges on the device owning its all rights to entire monitoring. So rooting Android will make you no longer a guest user to your device, making you privileged with all rights inside out. So have a look and find what benefits you would get with best one-click root Download on Android P.

  • Flash custom firmware and custom kernels aiming at the highest customization
  • Could easily back up and restore any data including application backups
  • Block ads from any app to have an ad-free experience
  • Access to thousands of apps and downloads without any restrictions
  • Support to remove preinstalled apps from the device
  • Clear cache and unwanted data from the device to free up the storage space
  • Gives the best battery and performance
  • Enhance the whole device performance letting the user enjoy its full potentials

How to install Root Genius to Root Android P?

Root Genius still lacks support to root Android P or any android above Android Lollipop. But expecting an update soon from the team, let us here take a look at how Root Genius is managing in both PC and APK ways.

If you are choosing Root Genius APK, there are only a few things to manage as it involves no PC connections. So start with a backup and then enable Unknown Sources from the settings. If done, make sure your device has more than 60% battery life to process through the root. So now it is to Download Root Genius APK directly on the device and process with screen directions.

While the APK root Download is processing in that way, you have the PC version as the only alternative way. If you are preparing through that, make sure to enable USB debugging from the device first. Then update device drivers from the Windows PC. Now connect the device to the PC and run the complete process with screen guidelines.

Are you looking to Root Android P? Let us know your comments.