Social media marketing and influencer marketing are two common terms which are banded together during the marketing proposals of business ventures. However, these two terms refer to different things. Both are important for the successful business marketing campaigns to flourish. In this small article, you will learn about some of the key concepts and differences that these two marketing techniques have.

Social media marketing and influencer marketing are not the same but they can still be fit together in a marketing campaign. Influencer marketing does not necessarily have to be done through social media platforms only although when people refer to influencer marketing more often than not they refer to marketing procedures conducted via social media channels like Facebook or Instagram. Although influencer marketing can easily be done through traditional media like print or television advertising but in the modern world they are done mostly through online techniques.

Social media marketing: Social media marketing will basically to refer to the process by which brands use the social media accounts they have in order to promote their products through the authoring of posts made on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. Social media marketing is heavily reliant on doing the marketing by yourself through the channels which re under your control. You can use posts which are text based, videos, infographics, photos and other types of content. You would need to post them from your own channels. You will also have to boost your posts and also pay to have ads placed on social media platforms for directly promoting the goods or services that you want to sell. Social media marketing cost must also have you listening to other conversations and responding to any communications made by your followers. You can use social media for your customer care services as well.

Influencer marketing: Influencer marketing would be basically focused on having other people who have got a large number of followers already to come and promote your brand and product to those followers – thus the term “influencer” is used. You might have to pay them either directly or compensate them through other goods and services. The influencers would be making the promotions from their personal social media channels and as a result of this you will not be having control on those channels. The main thing to focus on here is in encouraging the influencers to make posts by using their authentic voices as they make posts on your products. Authenticity will be crucial in the way they can connect with your audience. They should share the experiences, opinions and preferences which they have and relate those with your product and your brand’s messages. Influencers are able to reach a larger number of audiences and you would be able to gain significant benefits from their credibility. You can use contents like text, photos and video here also.

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