Yahoo mail is the third largest mail service and has millions of loyal users who have been using it for close to two decades. To cater to the various needs of its users Yahoo provides free as well as paid business accounts. Yahoo had been constantly upgrading its interface and added many features for a better user experience. But in last couple of years the changes in yahoo mail have received lots of criticism. To the great annoyance of users the advanced features have not been fine tuned prior to release. This has resulted in many bugs and prolonged outage of Yahoo mail. What made matters worse was inability to contact Yahoo mail support number to troubleshoot the issue.

Alike other mail services yahoo also has dedicated pages for providing support and assistance in troubleshooting common issues of yahoo mail. But when the problem is critical and needs immediate solution waiting for replies from yahoo team becomes frustrating for users. Forums are full of distraught users who failed to connect to live help from Yahoo support. Users have repeatedly tried to Contact Yahoo Customer Support Number 1-888-570-9791 but failed to connect to live help.

Many of the annoyed Yahoo users have resorted to seeking assistance from online directories. These directories store updated information about various mailing service’s customer helpdesk. The best directories have alternative numbers which can be used to contact Yahoo mail support number. Many users have referred to as a good source of information and alternative customer support.