QuickBooks is one of the most-used accounting software preferred by several accountants and bookkeeper. This software provides users to handle their accounting requirements efficiently. Even though this software has great value in the market, it is still not immune to technical glitches and performance hiccups. When the users of QuickBooks face any such malfunction, they get into a tight spot. This is because accounting is a crucial aspect of any organization, and facing an issue would mean the functioning would be completely disrupted. Among several problems which the users face, error code 5502 is one of the most common issues. When the users find themselves to be facing any such issue, they have the option of connecting with quickbooks technical support number. Even by going through this blog, the users would be able to attain a clear understanding of the error code 5502 and the most efficient ways to solve the same.

What is QuickBooks Error Code 5502?

Error code is generally a combination of numbers and letter which determine a technical malfunction that has taken place with the software. The QuickBooks error code 5502 is identified under the issue ‘Sync could not be completed.’ This code is usually followed by the message ‘QuickBooks Data has been uploaded, but the connection to the server has failed.’ There are various reasons for this issue to occur. Some of the most common reasons have been mentioned below:

  • When the document of the company has changed, and now they are unable to examine which company had recorded it.
  • When there is some kind of obstruction created due to a third-party program.
  • When some virus or malware has infected the functioning of the software.

What are the ways to solve QuickBooks Error Code 5502?

If you wish to resolve the error code 5502 that you have encountered while working on QuickBooks software, you would have to undertake the below-given steps accurately:

Step 1: Rename the QB .nd file

  • The user would have to first locate the .nd file in the company data file.
  • Then they would have to rename this .nd file.
  • You can enter the desired name and then write the extension ‘.old’ after the name.
  • Further scan the file using QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • If you are able to discover the file name, then the issue has been resolved, if not, then you would have to use a different method.

Step 2: Copy the Company file into a new folder

  • The users have to open a new folder and then paste all the company data files in it.
  • Then you would have to change the extension from qbm to QBB.
  • Now you would have to restore the backups.
  • If the files are still not opening, you would have to change the extension again.
  • If the issue is not resolved, then you would have to make sure that you update your Sync Manager.

If the users were unable to solve the error code 5502 after using the above-given steps, then the users would have to connect with quickbooks customer support. This customer service would provide users with guidance from trained professionals. These trained professionals would make sure that the issue has been eradicated at the earliest from your system.


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