Kaspersky antivirus is considered as the most secure antivirus in the Industry and used in big giant companies and everywhere. Despite having endless features, there are a few errors that are encountered by Kaspersky antivirus users which need to be resolved immediately:

1. The major issue is that the antivirus is unable to stop spamming, which eventually creates numerous issues. Thus, it doesn’t guarantee complete 100% security from cyber threats and assurance of full protection from all types of cyber threats. 

2. Kaspersky antivirus users get in trap and face numerous issues while installing Kaspersky antivirus tool. This error might occur if users have slow internet connection and it becomes difficult for users to download and install it on the system. Users are recommended to install this tool through CD to avoid future issues.

 3. Neither Kaspersky antivirus nor Internet security options are able to clean a virus from PST attachments in an email, due to which malware gets an entry into user’s computer. 

4. Users get in trouble while activating and updating Kaspersky antivirus.

For Available more information, call on Kaspersky Support Number which is functional and users can contact the team anytime to avail fruitful solutions.